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Roof Damage. Whether it's a damaged shingle or severe storm damage, you should repair your roof right away.

Is your roof showing signs of storm damage or aging? Are there roof leaks when it rains? These are just three of many reasons homeowners come to us for essential roofing repairs. Ignoring roof issues can lead to permanent and costly roof problems later on. Timely roof repairs can prolong the life of your roof, create a better-looking home, and improve your overall property value.

Not sure whether you need roof repairs? Don't wait - schedule a roof inspection with Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H today. We can identify roofing issues and recommend the repairs needed to preserve your home. We also provide free roofing estimates to New York homeowners in Saint James, Hempstead, Smithtown, and nearby!

Roof repairs prevent future damages

Roof issues aren't always obvious. Storm damage can take months or even years to surface. Neglecting damage can create more complicated issues and put the rest of your home at risk. Putting off necessary roofing repairs can cause water intrusion, pest infestations, energy efficiency issues, and more.

Regular or periodic roof maintenance is a way to prevent high-cost repair in the future. While you may notice loose, curled shingles or obvious damage to part of your roof, many signs of roof damage and wear and tear are invisible. A hidden leak under shingles, flashing damage around chimneys, and missing granules on shingles may not be visible without a close-up inspection. Moisture damage in a section of wet underlayment can grow and, when finally discovered, cost more to fix. Periodic roof inspections are a cost-effective way to maintain your roof and extend its life. Repairing your roof at the first sign of potential damage also minimizes your roof repair costs over time.

So whether there are missing shingles, hail damage, or roof leaks, Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H fixes these problems and protects your roof from future issues with thorough roof repair services. We can inspect your entire system, assess the condition of asphalt shingles, evaluate the structure, and recommend the roof repairs your home needs - nothing more or less.

Signs of roof damage:

  • Wood rot on the roof
  • Damaged roof flashing
  • Mold & algae stains
  • Missing & broken shingles
  • Water spots on interior ceilings & walls
  • Sagging roof deck
  • Granule debris in gutters
  • Peeling exterior paint
  • Higher energy bills
  • And more!

Finding & fixing roof leaks before they get worse

Saint James roof with a leak

We fix leaky roofs in Saint James, NY and nearby with reliable roof repairs and replacements.

When a roof leaks, there's usually damage. A stain on the ceiling is a typical warning sign, but there could be damage that you can't see. To fix a roof leak, you have to find the source of the problem. From curling shingles to clogged gutters to leaky flashing, the list of potential roof leak causes is very long. Finding and fixing a roof leak on your own can be a challenge. Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H can help.

Solving your roof leak problem starts with choosing the best roof leak repair contractor for the job. If you've noticed water stains on your ceiling or wall or curled, cracked, or missing shingles, our roofers can find and repair any leaks and restore your roof to prevent further damage. We offer fast, free roof leak repair estimates in Saint James, Hempstead, Smithtown, and surrounding areas.

What you can do now to prevent further damage

Looking for a leak above the stain on the ceiling is a good start, but you'll also want to check near common areas where water may gather on the roof, such as corners where roof joints meet or near roof features like skylights, valleys, and chimneys. Having a professional roofer help with this task is usually the quicker and safer option. However, there are some steps you can take to help prevent further damage before your roofers arrive.

1. Place a bucket beneath the water leak and protect your items from moisture damage.

The first priority should be to limit the water damage until you can find and fix the leak. Place a bucket on the floor beneath any dripping water to catch it and prevent a wet floor or further damage. When you've got a roof leak, the dripping water isn't the only problem you need to worry about. A severe water leak can increase the risk of a potential ceiling collapse. If you can, move furniture, rugs, personal belongings, and other items out of the room to help prevent damage by water or falling debris.

2. Look for signs of water or moisture problems.

If you have access to the attic, you can look for signs of water or moisture. These signs can include dark spots on wood or insulation, mold growth or mildew, musty odors, discoloration on wood or other materials, condensation on nails or air ducts, or damage to insulation. If you might have asbestos insulation, you shouldn't enter your attic. Ask a professional if you're unsure. If you can't access your attic or you don't have an attic: Call us to have one of our roofers get on the roof to check for damage.

3. Get help from a professional roofer.

Roof leaks don't get better on their own and you don't have to find them by yourself. The sooner you can have a professional help address your roof leak, the less likely you are to have additional damage to repair. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate today!

Causes of roof leaks in Nassau and Suffolk County

The two general causes of roof leaks are poor installation of roofing components and damage from weather events. You may be curious about what our roofers look for and what may be causing your roof to leak. If so, here's a quick guide to the most common causes of roof leaks in New York.

  • Missing Shingles: Missing roof shingles can let in moisture and water, leading to leaks and rotted roof decking.
  • Damaged Shingles: Curled, cracked, or torn roof shingles can let in moisture and water.
  • Missing or Damaged Flashing: Missing or broken weather-sealing around roof vents, exhaust fans, chimneys, or skylights can lead to roof leaks.
  • Clogged or Damaged Gutters: Faulty gutters prevent water from draining properly and can lead to a leaky roof or moisture damage.
  • Holes: Small holes from a misplaced nail, old satellite dish, or antenna can cause a leaky roof or rot.
  • Weather Damage: Strong winds, wind-blown debris, or hail can damage roof shingles and contribute to leaks.

Ready to repair your roof leak? Get help fast by scheduling a free roof inspection and estimate today.

Emergency roof repairs in Saint James, Hempstead & nearby

Tree collapse on roof

Emergency roof repairs are often unexpected – that's why we respond quickly and efficiently.

No homeowner wants to experience a roofing emergency, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. When a roofing crisis strikes, Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H is ready with the expertise and equipment to provide quick and effective emergency roof repairs for all roof leaks and damage.

While proper maintenance and repairs can protect your roof, some damage is out of your control. Emergency roof repairs are needed when:

  • The problem requires immediate attention
  • The roof damage is potentially dangerous
  • The risk to your roof and home is significant

Common types of roofing emergencies

Obvious emergencies include water rushing into the home through a new leak, a gaping hole created by a fallen tree line, or missing shingles from high winds. Many emergency roof repairs are needed after a severe storm or other weather events. Regardless, Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H can help with the following:

Aging & exposure

Years of natural wear, severe weather, and sun exposure can weaken the roof and cause emergencies, including leaks, holes, and a rotting structure.

Fallen tree damage

If you have access to the attic, you can look for signs of water or moisture. These signs can include dark spots on wood or insulation, mold growth or mildew, musty odors, discoloration on wood or other materials, condensation on nails or air ducts, or damage to insulation. If you might have asbestos insulation, you shouldn't enter your attic. Ask a professional if you're unsure. If you can't access your attic or you don't have an attic: Call us to have one of our roofers get on the roof to check for damage.

Damaged asphalt shingles & roof decking

Damaged roof decking and shingles can lead to a significant roof leak and expose the home to the elements.

Incorrect installation

Without a reliable roof installation, there is no guarantee that the system can protect the home from the elements or stand the test of time. Any number of factors can cause the roof to leak or break down.

Flashing failures

If flashing is installed incorrectly around chimneys, vent stacks, and dormers, this can lead to a significant roof leak.

What to remember during a roof emergency

Stay safe! While waiting for a professional roofing contractor like Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H, who has experience providing emergency roof repairs, follow these guidelines:

Don't go up on the roof

A damaged roof is a dangerous environment, so you should let a professional be the first to check it out.

Call your insurance company

Your insurance company will send an adjuster to appraise the damage and help you with the cost of emergency roof repairs, plus a place to stay if roof problems are too severe.

Contact Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H

We quickly respond and send one of our servicemen to your property. Remember that if the emergency happens during a hurricane, severe hailstorm, or other hazardous conditions, we may need to wait until the danger subsides to ensure the safety of our crew.

Protect the interior

If the home is safe, cover leaks and holes in living areas with tarps, buckets, or other waterproof items. This will collect water and protect surfaces from the elements until help arrives.

Inspect the roof visually

Inspect your roof from a safe distance on the ground to note debris and possible roof damage.

Our emergency roof repair services

Having severe roof damage can be a scary experience. So choosing a qualified roofer with a quick response time can make all the difference. Many less-than-reputable companies will take advantage of homeowners after severe weather or a disaster, demanding large deposits and never finishing the job.

But there is no reason to worry, Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H is licensed, insured, and trained to deal with any roofing emergency you may have. We use top-quality materials and the best solutions to protect your home after a roofing emergency.

  • Inspect the damage: Do not climb onto the roof to assess damages. If you can, document problems and take photos from a safe distance on the ground for your insurance company. Once one of our professionals arrives, they will safely inspect the area and evaluate all damages.
  • Tarping: Do not attempt to tarp the roof on your own. DIY tarping is dangerous and can lead to serious injury. Plus, tarping the area yourself can also cause additional damage to the property if done incorrectly. A professional will securely tarp your roof to protect the home from the elements.
  • Assessing the structure: If the structural integrity is compromised, a roofer may advise you to find somewhere to stay until they repair the system.

Storm damage roof repair in the Saint James, Hempstead areas

Storms can wreak havoc on roofs. Shingles that have lifted, curled up, cracked, or blown off can leave your home's roof, attic, or interior vulnerable to wind-driven rain or moisture damage. Severe storms can cause unseen leaks that may lead to bigger problems later. After a storm, getting a roof inspection from an experienced, licensed roofing contractor is always a good idea. Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H offers free roof inspections, and we know how to look for roof damage safely.

Storm recovery services for your roof

Tarp protection for damaged, leaking roofs.

We will install temporary tarps to prevent further water or snow intrusion if your roof is penetrated or caved in by fallen trees or branches or has sustained hail damage or damage from high winds.

Temporary, immediate roof repairs.

By patching damaged roofing and performing emergency roof repairs, we can help keep the interior of your home dry until permanent repairs can be undertaken.

Permanent roof repairs done the Klaus Roofing Way

Once your home has been protected, our professionals provide comprehensive repairs to fix your roof and prevent future damage. Typical roof leak repairs include securing curled shingles or replacing damaged or missing shingles. Spot repairs may extend the life of a roof in overall good condition.

Prepare for future storms with a durable Klaus Roofing System

We install premium-quality asphalt shingles that offer peace of mind and protection from inclement weather. These heavy-duty shingles are designed with features to increase impact resistance, resist wind uplift, and prevent roof leaks. Available in a wide range of high-definition color blends, they look fantastic, boost curb appeal, and can potentially increase the resale value of your home. Even if you live in a high-wind and storm-prone area, you can trust your home to the quality of a Klaus Roofing System.

Signs of hail damage & fixing your roof in Nassau and Suffolk County

Roof hail damage in Saint James

Sometimes hail damage isn't noticeable for months or even years. A roof inspection can point out roof hail damage before it worsens.

After a hail storm strikes, your home and roof can experience significant damage. If your roof starts leaking, interior walls and ceilings can be affected. You can also have missing or damaged roof shingles. Not sure if your home has roof hail damage? Our trusted roofers can inspect the entire roof and recommend the appropriate solutions.

How roof hail damage affects different homes

Not every home experiences roof hail damage the same way. Asphalt shingles can break or crack the tabs. Other times, crushed or dented granules are displaced or forced into the shingles. Since granules protect shingles from UV rays, hail can shorten its lifespan and usually requires an insurance claim for hail damage repairs.

Also, different parts of the roof may experience more damage than others, resulting from lashing wind hitting some areas of the home harder.

Types of roof hail damage:

  • Damaged granules: The shingles are the first line of defense and if the roof loses granules, the asphalt coating designed to protect the shingle, then the home will be vulnerable to the elements.
  • Missing & broken shingles: As hail hits asphalt shingles, they can crack and break off. Damage can also be hidden underneath the shingle. Once the shingle is missing or damaged, then it exposes the underlayment.
  • Damaged fiberglass mat: If the fiberglass mat underneath the shingles becomes exposed and damaged, the entire system is vulnerable to the elements. Unlike missing or broken shingles, it often takes a trained roofer to identify an exposed or damaged fiberglass mat.

While missing or broken shingles, roof leaks, and damaged granules are all consistent with hail damage, these issues could also point to other problems. That is why hiring a professional to provide a thorough roof inspection helps you better identify damage and the cause. This will ensure the roof repairs your home receives are the ones it actually needs.

Signs your home needs hail damage repairs

Unless there has been a severe storm with large hailstones, not all roof hail damage is immediately visible. From shingles deteriorating prematurely to roof leaks, it can take months or years for damage to become apparent. But there are other areas of the home exterior that can indicate whether or not you need roof repair services:

  • Damaged gutters: If gutters are dented or have other signs of damage after a hailstorm, this may be the most obvious sign that the home sustained roof damage.
  • Clogged gutters: If gutters are filled or clogged with granules, then this means there is shingle damage and is another sign that your home may need roof repairs.
  • Exterior storm damage: If your home has visible damage to siding, decks, windows, or other areas of the exterior after a hailstorm, then this can indicate whether or not you need hail damage roof repairs.
  • Damage around the yard: Property damage around the yard is another sign you may need a roof inspection after a hailstorm. This includes landscaping issues and damaged plants, dented cars, abrasions on AC and HVAC equipment, and problems with outdoor furniture.

What causes wood rot anyway?

Wood rot can often go unnoticed until it is too late. For example, when you hire a roofer to replace asphalt shingles, that is when you could learn the decking, rafters, or ridge board is rotting. If left unrepaired, wood rot can spread, causing foundation damage, including structural beams or joists rotting in the basement or crawl space. And if your home has significant signs of wood rot, it can cause a loss in resale value. So it is crucial to take action at the first sign of issues.

The fungal spores that cause wet and dry rot are all around us. Fortunately, they are not always active - and rot damage does not occur overnight. Dry rot and wet rot are common fungi decay caused by spores in the wood. The fungi destroy the parts of the wood that make it firm when exposed to moisture and high relative humidity:

Dry rot

From the fungal spores of Serpula lacrymans, this wood rot only requires 20% moisture content to grow. Dry rot hides in areas like floorboards or behind walls. If left unrepaired very early, dry rot can spread throughout the home and cause significant damage.

Wet rot

From the fungal spores of Coniophora puteana, this wood rot grows in timber and other porous building materials at 50% moisture. If your roof has wet rot, the spores stop spreading once we remove water leaks and other moisture.

Once we identify and eliminate sources of moisture that cause wet or dry rot, we repair affected roofing. In both instances, the affected timber will need to be replaced. Some signs of wet rot and dry rot include:

  • Moss & mold growth
  • Deteriorating shingles
  • Musty odors
  • Damaged & weakened wood
  • Sinking roof deck
  • Black, orange, & brown spores
  • Mushrooms on wood
  • Roofing debris in gutters

How we identify wood rot during a roof inspection

When identifying wood rot, Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H inspects areas where rot often gains a foothold with an awl or a small screwdriver. We use the tool to poke into suspected spots that look blistered or soft to see how extensive the rot is. Rot is likely to occur in:

  • Exposed framing in a basement or crawl space
  • Exterior window sills & door thresholds
  • Exterior window & door casings/trim
  • The underside of the roof decking, if accessible from the attic
  • Roof framing, if accessible from the attic
  • Fascia, the trim to which gutters are often attached
  • Rake boards, the trim on the gable end of a roof

Trust us to provide all your roofing services

As a professionally-trained roofer serving Nassau and Suffolk County, our commitment to you is to deliver superior roofing services, install quality roofing materials, and provide excellent customer service. Our goal is to be your roofing services contractor for the long haul. When you're looking for reliable roof repairs, you need to rely on a contractor that you can trust. At Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H, we provide our expert craftsmanship and quality roofing materials for just the right price.

Not sure whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced? We offer roof inspections and free service estimates to New York homeowners in Saint James, Hempstead, Smithtown, and areas nearby.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

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