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Before and After Pictures from Suffolk County
Roof Replacement- Bay Shore, NY

Roof Replacement- Bay Shore, NY

Before After
Roof Replacement- Bay Shore, NY Roof Replacement- Bay Shore, NY

A resident of Bay Shore found us highly rated on the BBB. They knew they needed a new roof and only wanted the best company to install it. 


When our representative arrived at the home, he took time to speak with the homeowner. The homeowner stated that the roof was at least 40 years old.  The original structure had cedar shake as a first layer and then 2 layers of asphalt on top of that.


Our representative took some time to complete his inspection. He was able to see the amount of damage that the roof had. There were in fact multiple layers, shingles were missing or damaged and the fascia was rotting in a few areas.


The customer was very pleased with our representative and decided to move forward with a Klaus Roof by Triple H.

On the day of the installation, our team put property protection in place, ripped off the several old layers of roofing, replaced all rotted boards all within the first few hours of being there. Next, they taped all the seams with Sealoron XT Deck Tape, installed Sealoron XT Ice & Water Shield and VeloraOne Synthetic Underlayment. Then metal drip edges were installed along the eaves of the roof and metal rake edge along all rakes of the roof. Finally, IKO Dynasty shingles were installed.


The beautiful new roof made the homeowner so happy but the 50 Year Warranty made them even happier!

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Reviews From Suffolk County
Testimonials From Suffolk County
Mr. Santora came out to our house and gave an excellent presentation. Really showed me the quality of the...
Testimonial by Ronald D. from Greenlawn, NY

Protect Your Home with Quality Roofing & Gutters

Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H is your local provider of high-quality roofing and gutter services. Our team is dedicated to protecting your home from the elements and specializes in optimizing comfort and saving energy. We are a woman-owned and operated company and offer a variety of services from roof replacements to gutter guard installation. With Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H, you can rest assured knowing that you have chosen a contractor that has been protecting and insulating homes since 1999. Contact us today to schedule your free evaluation and estimate!

Roof repair experts in Suffolk County

At Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H, we are committed to protecting you and your home from extreme weather conditions. The roof of your home is a system of many layers that shields your home from storm damage, harsh winds, leaks, and hail. Your roof bears the brunt of inclement weather, and even the strongest roof will sometimes need a roof repair. Luckily, we are here to help repair all kinds of roof damage, from wind damage to cracked shingles.

Think your roof is in need of a repair? Give us a call or fill out the provided form to get a free roof repair estimate today.

Suffolk County’s trusted gutter & gutter guard installers

Gutters play a huge role in protecting your home from water damage. Gutters help prevent damage to your siding and roof, as well as potentially prevent your basement from flooding. But gutters that clog, overflow, or do not drain properly can result in costly damage to your roof and home. That is why we provide quality gutters to our customers in and around Suffolk County. We even offer gutter guard installation so that you no longer have to worry about cleaning your gutters.


Job Stories From Suffolk County, NY
Roof Cleaning in Centereach, NY

A customer from Centereach, NY reached out to Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H. The homeowners request was to clean the roof, they did not like the long black streaks that were very apparent. These black streaks are caused by an algae called gloeocapsa magma. The algae grows on the limestone dust that is added to asphalt shingles by the manufacture. Klaus Roofing Systems used an effective solution and was able to remove the black streaks. This customer was incredibly happy with the results.

Roof Cleaning in Centereach, NY - Photo 1Roof Cleaning in Centereach, NY - Photo 2
Roof Replacement - Smithtown NY

A resident from Smithtown, NY contact us for an evaluation of his roof. The customer was aware that there were two layers of shingles on his roof already. He was also not sure of how long it has been since the second layer had been installed. Our representative Brian was able to confirm that there was two layers of shingles. The home needed a new roof. Installing a new roof and gutters will give this home the protection it needs for the next 50 years.

Roof Replacement Ronkonkoma, NY

New homeowners in Ronkonkoma contacted us shortly after purchasing their new house. The roof of this home was over 25 years old. The best thing these new homeowners could do is have a Klaus Roof installed. Our Klaus Roof system comes with a 50- Year Warranty. They will never have to worry about a roof again! New Gutters would also be a great idea. New Gutters look great and help preserve the life of your roof.

Roof Leak & Insulation Damage Central Islip, NY

A homeowner from Central Islip, NY contact Klaus Roofing by Triple H because she had a roof leak. The leak in her roof caused damage to the insulation in her attic. The home did not require a new roof currently, just a simple repair. Unfortunately for her the damages to insulation in her attic caused by the roof leak could not be ignored. Our Attic Systems team removed the old damaged insulation and installed new cellulose insulation, air sealed all penetrations in the attic and even built a storage area for this customer.

Roof Leak- Nesconset, NY

A homeowner from Nesconset, NY contacted our office regarding a roof leak.  He had a few other issues other than a roof leak. Part of our process of evaluating a roof includes going into the attic. When Chris went into the attic to see how the roof looked and to look at the leak, he found insulation that had been damaged by animals. Animals had been getting into his attic through his attic fan. Along with a roof repair, he needed to remove and replace all the insulation damaged by the animals.

Roof Replacement- East Patchogue, NY

A customer from East Patchogue, NY contacted Klaus Roofing by Triple H because she needed a new roof. Not only did need she need a new roof, but she also needed attic insulation and gutters. Making sure your attic insulation is adequate is very important. Your attic insulation helps to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Replacing the gutters on your home is always a positive, gutters help the water to drain properly off your roof, adding life to your roof shingles. They also give a nice clean look to your home.

Damaged Shingles & Gutters

A homeowner from Stony Brook, NY reached out to Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H because she knew she needed a new roof and new gutters.  As soon as our representative arrived he could see the damaged shingles and old gutters.  What causes damaged shingles you might ask? Some of the most common causes of damaged shingles are rain, snow, hail, ice, and the scorching sun rays. How do you know if your shingles are damaged? You might see a few missing, or curling up, they may even seem to be missing pieces. Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H installed a beautiful new roof on the Klaus roofing way! We also installed new gutters. 

Damaged Shingles & Gutters - Photo 1
Roof Replacement- Northport, NY

A customer from Northport, NY contacted Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H with concerns about his roof. He was aware of the poor condition the roof was in. There were many shingles missing from the roof, mold had also begun to grow in several areas. This roof was beyond repair. The best choice this homeowner could make is to replace his current roof with a new Klaus Roof. Here at Klaus Roofing by Triple H we only use superior products. The new roof would have the best quality Ice and Water Shield, synthetic underlayment and of course new IKO Dynasty architectural lifetime shingles. All our roofs come with a 50-Year Warranty!

Roof Replacement- Northport, NY - Photo 1
Roof Leak- St. James, NY

With Winter in full swing a lot of customers are realizing they have roof leaks. This customer from St. James, NY contacted us when she could visibly see the water coming through her ceiling and walls. Our representative did a full evaluation of the roof and attic.  A roof repair would only stop the leak for a moment in time. The most sensible decision would be to replace the roof. Every Klaus roof comes with a 50-Year Warranty. When we replace a roof, we also replace any of the rotted plywood, we use Sealoron XT Ice and Water Shield on all drip edges, walls, chimneys, and valleys. We also use Sealon XT deck tape on all seams of the plywood.  Velora One synthetic underlayment is installed, then new aluminum drip and rake metal on all eves of the roof deck and outside rake edges. Finally new IKO Dynasty architectural lifetime shingles are installed.

Roof Leak- St. James, NY - Photo 1
Roof Evaluation- Huntington, NY 11743

A customer from Huntington, NY contacted Klaus's roofing systems by Triple H for an evaluation of her roof. Our representative visited the home and was able to see the roof was old and in bad condition. While he was at the home he also realized the roof of the detached garage needed to be replaced too. Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H was able to do a full roof replacement on both the home and the garage in one day! 

Roof Evaluation- Huntington, NY 11743 - Photo 1Roof Evaluation- Huntington, NY 11743 - Photo 2Roof Evaluation- Huntington, NY 11743 - Photo 3Roof Evaluation- Huntington, NY 11743 - Photo 4
Roof Replacement- Melville, NY 11747

A homeowner from Melville, NY contacted Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H for a free roof evaluation. Our representative took a look at the roof. This roof was old, had moss in many places, had repairs completed previously and some of the shingles were so worn down the granules were missing. The customer made the great decision to have a Klaus Roofing System installed. 

Roof Replacement- Melville, NY 11747 - Photo 1Roof Replacement- Melville, NY 11747 - Photo 2Roof Replacement- Melville, NY 11747 - Photo 3
Moss on the Roof- Nesconset, NY

When our representative Brian arrived at a home in Nesconset, NY he could tell immediately that the rood needed to be replaced. The roof was full of moss.  Moss is very bad for your roof. By nature it is wet and contains moisture causing a tremendous amount of rot.  This home need the existing roof removed and multiple boards replaced. 

Moss on the Roof- Nesconset, NY - Photo 1
Buckled Shingles- Nesconset, NY

A customer from Nesconset, NY requested a free roof evaluation.  The roof on this home had many sections of shingles that were buckled. Buckled shingles are caused by moisture of the roof deck or underlayment.  It can be a result of poor attic ventilation or lack of proper insulation.  If you leave the shingles buckled strong winds or weather can cause them to leak causing more damage to your roof. All buckled shingles should be replaced. 

Buckled Shingles- Nesconset, NY - Photo 1
Damaged and lifting Shingles- Hauppauge, NY


A customer from Hauppauge, NY called Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H with roof concerns. During the roof evaluation there were multiple problems spotted. Among those problems were damaged shingles and several shingles that were not sealed down. Both problems are signs that it is time for a new roof. If shingles are not sealed down or are damaged there is a greater likelihood that they will leak causing devastating damage.  There are no repairs that will completely stop these issues. The roof needs to be replaced. 

Damaged and lifting Shingles- Hauppauge, NY - Photo 1Damaged and lifting Shingles- Hauppauge, NY - Photo 2
Buckled Shingles- Huntington Station, NY

Our representative Ryan was called to a home in Huntington Station, NY to evaluate a homeowner’s roof. The customer was advised by their homeowner’s insurance that if they did not get a new roof they would be dropped. This home also had a roofed porch and detached garage. The roof on all structures needs to be replaced desperately. The main roof had warped and buckled shingles. This is a good indicator that the roof has come to the end of its life.  The constant change in temperature over a period will cause the shingles to warp and buckle. This home needs a Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H Roof. With our 50 year warranty this homeowner will never worry about being dropped by their home owners insurance company again. 

Buckled Shingles- Huntington Station, NY - Photo 1
Roof Replacement- Huntington Station, NY

A homeowner from Huntington Station, NY contacted Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H to evaluate his roof. He thought the roof was about 20 years old and was having some issues. As our representative Brian performed his evaluation, he was able to see multiple nail pops and that this home had another roof or two under the current roof. Nail pops will cause leaks leading to potential wood rot. Since this home had multiple roofs already the only thing left to do was a full roof replacement.

Roof Replacement- Huntington Station, NY - Photo 1Roof Replacement- Huntington Station, NY - Photo 2Roof Replacement- Huntington Station, NY - Photo 3
Flat Roof- Huntington Station, NY

Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H was contacted by a homeowner from Huntington Station, NY about his roof. A portion of this home had a flat roof. To start, it appears this flat roof was not installed properly. The flat roof was losing gravel. Gravel on a flat roof is important, it provides protection from the water and UV rays. Since the gravel was missing the roof began to dry out which was causing it to curl.  The gravel stop was also installed properly, and the roof appeared to be pulling away from it. The gravel stop drip edge is used to help keep the tar and gravel from washing off the roof. This home needed a new properly installed flat roof.

Flat Roof- Huntington Station, NY - Photo 1Flat Roof- Huntington Station, NY - Photo 2
Moss on the Roof- Sound Beach, NY

Our representative Brian met with a homeowner in Sound Beach, NY.  As Brian performed his inspection of the roof, he could see it had some issues. In many spots there was mold and moss growing.  If moss is not addressed and removed in a timely manner it can cause irreparable damage to your roof.  Moss is caused by moisture and organic debris. Another factor is the amount of shade your roof receives. In this case, the moss was not addressed in time and the roof needed to be replaced.

Moss on the Roof- Sound Beach, NY - Photo 1
Roof Evaluation- Selden, NY

A homeowner from Selden, NY requested an evaluation of his roof. When our project consultant arrived and did the inspection, he found the wood under the shingles was buckling and many of the shingles were not sealed down and damaged. All signs that it is time for a new roof. He was very pleased with the Klaus Roofing way and Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple. He agreed then and there to have his roof replaced.

Roof Evaluation- Selden, NY - Photo 1
Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement Request- Mt. Siani, NY

A customer from Mt. Sinai, NY contacted Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H regarding their roof. This customer was looking for the best quote provided for a full roof replacement. After meeting with our representative Brian and learning about the Klaus Roofing Way the customer understood the value of our company and the superior products we use.  He stopped his search for a roofing company, and we put a Klaus on his House!

Roof Replacement- Southampton, NY

We met with a homeowner in Southampton, NY. The homeowner had concerns about his roof. After meeting with our representative Brian, he was thrilled with our proprietary products, process, and our team. As a Klaus Roofing Systems partner, we have exclusive access to the industry’s state-of-the-art products. VeloraOne Roof underlayment is the most durable, breathable protection for wood roof decks. SealoronXT is a high-performance Ice & Water Barrier. It is a self-sealing membrane that prevents water from entering the home. Both products are an essential part of The Klaus Roofing Way!


Roof Replacement- Southampton, NY - Photo 1
Attic Insulation- Lindenhurst, NY

A customer from Lindenhurst, NY contact Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H with concerns about their insulation. After Jesse completed his inspection he reviewed his findings with the customer and provided solutions to make their home more comfortable. The attic floor needs to be air sealed and then new cellulose insulation needs to be installed. The attic-adjacent wall was not insulated, installing SilverGlo on the wall and between floor joists will help improve the comfort of he home. This home also had cathedral ceilings which are often a cause of comfort concerns. Jesse suggested the cathedral ceiling be dense packed. All these solutions will help improve the comfort of the home. 

Roof Leak- Northport, NY

A homeowner from Northport, NY contacted our office. They noticed a leak in their glass sunroom.  They had the leak evaluated by another company and wanted us to provide an additional evaluation.  As our representative Eric performed the roof evaluation, he noticed the shingles were past their life expectancy and many of them had no asphalt left.  This home needed a new roof.  Eric shared the Klaus Roofing Way with the homeowners, and they were impressed.

Roof Leak- Northport, NY - Photo 1
Old Roof- Ronkonkoma, NY

Our representative Eric went to a home in Ronkonkoma, NY to evaluate the roof. The customer was aware the roof was about 20 years old and could potentially need to be replaced. He wanted an expert’s opinion. Eric explained to the homeowner that the roof did need to be replaced. He also explained that we only use the best products in the industry. IKO performance shingles have a Class 3 impact resistance rating and come in hi-def colors.

Roof Repair- Shoreham, NY

A homeowner from Shoreham, NY saw our lawn sign at a home in their neighborhood. They contacted our office and set an appointment to have their roof evaluated. When Eric arrived, he spoke with the customer regarding their concerns. The roof was about 12 years old, and they had a leak. Eric inspected the roof and determined where the leak was coming from.  After the leak is repaired the customer should not have any more issues for some time

Roof Replacement- St.James, NY

A homeowner from St.James, NY saw our local ad. They called to set an appointment to have their roof evaluated. Eric arrived at the home and discussed the homeowners concerns then performed his evaluation. It was clear that the roof was old and it was time to replace it. Both homeowners were impressed with Eric's evaluation and presentation. They signed the contract that day! They are very excited for their new roof and have a piece of mind that it has a 50-year warranty.

Roof Replacement, Northport NY

A homeowner from Northport, NY gave us a call for a professional evaluation of their roof. The roof was about 30 years old. They had already experienced 3 different leaks that they had repaired by a handyman. Our representative did a comprehensive evaluation and found that the roof was in poor condition. Many of the shingles were ripped and lifted, mold was present on a portion of them, and the ridge caps were inverted.  This homeowner needs a Klaus on their house!

Roof Leaks- Miller Place, NY

A new homeowner from Miller Place, NY contacted Klaus Roofing Systems by Triple H for a free roof inspection. The homeowner had recently purchased the home and was aware that it had two layers of shingles as well as two leaks around the chimney.


When our representative Brian arrived, he spent time speaking with the homeowner to get a clear understanding of their concerns. Next, Brian did a thorough inspection of the roof and attic.  He could see the large amounts of moss growing on the roof, lifting, and missing shingles and that the fascia board had rotted in several areas. Brian took pictures throughout his inspection so he could give the customer a visual understanding of what was happening on their roof. This roof was in horrible condition.


After the inspection, Brian sat down with the new homeowner and shared all his findings. Brian recommended the two layers of shingles to be removed and all rotted boards and fascia to be replaced.  When we install the new roof, we will install our proprietary Sealoron XT Ice & Water Shield and VeloraOne Synthetic Underlayment. We use IKO Dynasty shingles, they have a class 3 impact resistance rating!


This homeowner will never have to worry about their roof, we offer a 50- Year Warranty!

Roof Leaks- Miller Place, NY - Photo 1Roof Leaks- Miller Place, NY - Photo 2
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